Ashley Simspson

Ashley Simpson


 A little bit about myself


A current PhD candidate at the University of Helsinki, Finland, I’m completing my PhD in Education within the faculty of Behavioural Sciences, in the Department of Teacher Education. My two previous previous degrees were completed in the United Kingdom (a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Leeds and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Manchester).

I specialise in “democratic education”, both as a research area and in practice within schools. I take a huge interest in exploring democratic alternatives in education, in order to create more reflexive and critical societies.

In 2007-2008 as a student member I was the co-founder of Reddish Vale Co-operative Trust school – the UK’s first Co-operative Trust school. Since then, I’ve worked to develop the network of Co-operative schools throughout the UK, providing development support and training to school stakeholders (staff – teaching and non-teaching, senior leadership teams, parents, students, governors and community members). I’ve also held positions including both a teaching job at a school within the Russian Federation, and a role at the institute of education in the Russian Federation.

If you’d like to take a more comprehensive look at my professional experience and skills, feel free to take a look at my LinkedIn page.

For more detailed information about my academic publications see here.


Politics and the wider picture


It’s fair to say that I’m also a keen political activist who has participated in many campaigns and causes. One particular point of interest of mine is the performative function of “democratic education” – how education can transform society through pluralist forms of democracy. In addition to this, I take a great interest in exploring and developing non-standardised pedagogies in order to create more equal societies through how we participate, teach, and learn through schooling.

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