Ashley Simpson Education Consultancy is a registered company in the Republic of Finland, registered company number (y-tunnus: 2715940-9).


Ashley Simpson Education Consultancy (ASEC) specialises in delivering services to clients within the education sector. Potential clients may include; individual education providers (schools), local government administration (municipal level), ministry of education/department of education and other organizations within the education sector (this might include; charities, NGO’s or individuals).

Ashley Simpson Education Consultancy specialises in delivering high quality services to clients.  Potential areas of cooperation can be found under the section ‘areas of expertise’.


Areas of expertise :-


* Curriculum design and implementation

ASEC sepcialises in critical pedagogical approaches in schools and is against standardised educational processes.

Services: Designing and implementing democratic and critical pedagogies.


* Qualitative research reporting

ASEC is trained in qualitative research approaches and methodologies.

Services: High quality ethnography; participant observation; interview, and; internet research tools.


* School development and training

ASEC is interested in exploring democratic schools, transformative pedagogies, and, anti-pedagogies in relation to educational processes.

Services: Providing teachers and students with support to drive change within schools and local communities.


* Teacher support resources and training

ASEC holds the view that teachers are radical agents of social change. ASEC provides teachers with support and training in order to achieve this radical potential.  

Services: Teacher CPD; Writing and publishing support resources for trainee-teachers and current teachers.


* Stakeholder support and guidance

ASEC provides training and support to school stakeholders in transitions towards democratic learning. Wider stakeholders may include; parents, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, students, community members and community groups.  

Services: Developing stakeholder relations models, networks, resources and training program


* Education policy analysis

ASEC has experience in working with policy-makers. ASEC takes a critical stance of education policies that incorporate; the marketisation of education, the privatisation of education, competition within education, and, standardised testing within schools.

Services: Analysing and theorising education policy practices; Working with policy-makers to achieve mutual goals.


* Education research

ASEC owner Ashley Simpson is a current doctoral (PhD) candidate at University of Helsinki.  

Services: Publishing at an academic and professional level – reporting and writing monographs on analyses.


* Discursive pragmatics/discourse analysis

ASEC takes the stance that language is a performative function. ASEC is interested in exploring linguistic approaches in education that explore deeper logics, meanings and understandings of educational processes.

Services: Discourse analysis and enunciative pragmatics linguistic tools for deconstructing meanings and logics.



Owner Ashley Simpson has professional experience in all of the above areas. For Ashley’s background please see the about me page.

Ashley Simpson welcomes cooperation with clients irrespective of their geographical location.